Our Assignment & Projects

Khalan’s Primary Assignment: Entrepreneurship Education – Business Educator and Advisor

Date of Service: June 4, 2016 – June 4, 2018

As an Entrepreneurship Education (EE) Volunteer, I will be assigned to co-plan and co-teach an Entrepreneurship Education course in public high schools in coordination with the Ministry of Education (MINED). A vital part of this assignment involves training entrepreneurship teachers in the course material. This is to ensure that the impact I make reaches not only the current students who I will be working with, but also the generations to come. I may also collaborate with other non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and community groups to reach the high number of out-of school youth.

Recognizing that small businesses form an integral part of the nation’s economy and in light of globalization and various trade agreements, I will also work on the Small Business Development Project to help interested micro/small business owners and entrepreneurs improve their productivity and competitiveness. Through this project, I will provide current and prospective small business owners and entrepreneurs with the knowledge and skills needed to take advantage of economic opportunities, secure employment, and/or generate income.

I hope to help establish strong linkages between the public, private, and university sectors in the community to provide opportunities for youth such as mentoring, internships, job placement, and scholarships. I will be encouraged to work with my community to organize a career and/or college fair in my site to increase awareness among the youth in the area.

Tess’ Primary Assignment: Environmental Awareness and Resource Management to Address Climate Change – Environmental Education and Community Outreach Volunteer

Date of Service: June 2, 2016 – June 1, 2018

For the majority of my two years in Mexico I will be assisting CONAFOR, a government agency akin to the U.S. National Park Service or USFWS, in the municipality of Tlaxco, Tlaxcala.

CONAFOR functions under the larger SEMARNAT umbrella (Mexico’s EPA) which has several functions including encouraging sustainable use of natural resources, promoting environmental responsibility of productive sectors, overseeing compliance of environmental legislation, developing research on environmental matters and promoting culture, education, training and social participation on environmental and natural resource issues.

As an Environmental Education and Community Outreach Volunteer, and on behalf of these agencies, I will focus on providing assistance to small rural communities, where I’ll work with community members to assess community needs in environmental education, help mobilize the community in a variety of eco-friendly activities, build partnerships among the local community groups and outside organizations, and in particular, help strengthen the relationship with the local CONAFOR/SEMARNAT office.

More specifically, much of my work will involve working with community leaders and members to implement environmental education activities, programs, summer camps, eco-clubs, training and capacity building of individuals, groups, schools, and youth. This work also includes adapting and developing environmental education materials and implementing workshops, seminars and talks for specific groups (elementary schools, universities, researches, tourists, etc.) on climate change mitigation and adaptation, as well as other environmental topics. The promotion of ‘ecotecnias’, which are low-cost appropriate technologies, such as rainwater collection systems or community gardens, will play a large role in my activities as well, in order to address some of the most basic and entrenched environmental challenges faced by families living in rural communities.

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